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Hello and welcome to the Lukerative Design blog, I will try to cover all relevant topics here for current and prospective clients to keep up with current issues/trends etc regarding web design related topics. The most important issue since April this year (2016) is the Google mobility changes regarding if a website is listed as mobile friendly, many websites that used to be considered mobile friendly by google are no longer, if this is the case with your website then your google rankings will gradually slide lower & lower until you have fixed this issue by either getting a total rebuild or upgrading existing website to satsify Google's much stricter mobile friendly guidlines.
It is very easy to test if your website is considered mobile friendly, simply click here to head over to Google's official mobile friendly test site and just paste the website url you want to test and you will have an answer in seconds! Any website built by us since April 2016 is guaranteed mobile friendly out of the box!

 Does my website need S.E.O?

A very common occurance with businesse's I come across is when it is presumed that just by having a website your business will begin booming........nothing could be further from the truth, in fact it doesnt matter how beautiful your new website is, if nobody can see it, it is just a useless waste of money. The best ways I suggest you get your business to page one google rankings for your relevant target market are as follow:

Google Adwords: This is Google's very own amazing marketing tool Click here to utilize this amazing tool: Google Adwords

Facebook For Business: Facebook is huge, and is also a potentially massive way to promote your business! Click Here For Facebook Marketing

This funny meme i stumbled across online is a great visual to explain that a website without search engine optimization is like a car with no wheels.......it will take you nowhere!

No SEO no Business

We Recommend.........

We Recommend.........